Software Safety

As automation and software increase the complexity of our systems, more attention must be spent on understanding the safety aspects of those systems. Software safety provides a systematic approach to identifying, analyzing, controlling, and tracking software hazards to ensure safer system operation. Software must be considered as part of the system in which it resides, and often a Software Safety effort requires detailed analysis of not just the software but the intended functionality of the system.

Great Circle Analytics personnel have been part of multiple software safety efforts in several organizations. Our personnel have written Government software safety standards and guidance documents, and can use that experience to help our customers in the development of their own Software Safety program. We can help in planning a Software Safety effort, and can assist in identifying critical software functionality, software hazard causes, hazard controls, and testing necessary to verify that safeguards have been implemented.

Risk Assessment and Management

Risk assessment and risk decision making have always been challenging endeavors. Risk itself is defined as the combination of the likelihood of an undesirable event and the severity of the potential consequences. Risk assessment is an evaluation of the likelihood and consequences of undesired events, and can either be a qualitative or quantitative effort. Without an organized, systematic approach to risk management critical resources can be spent in the wrong areas and significant risks may be misidentified and underestimated.

Great Circle Analytics is experienced in risk assessment and management, with many years of supporting efforts to identify key program risks. Great Circle Analytics can help proactively identify, analyze, plan, track, control, communicate, document, and manage risk to increase the likelihood of achieving project goals. We can help our customers in risk assessment and management activities such as:

  • Developing risk management plans
  • Assisting in identifying key technical, programmatic, and safety risks
  • Assisting in evaluating and prioritizing risks
  • Assisting in identifying risk reduction approaches
  • Assisting in verification that the risks have been reduced
  • Developing risk tracking systems
  • Analyzing risk trends

Great Circle Analytics also specializes in the use of Monte Carlo simulation techniques. Monte Carlo simulation is a powerful tool that allows for the analysis of risk with uncertainty. We can assist the customer in developing models and using tools in analyzing risk quantitatively.

System Safety

System Safety plays an important role in preventing harm to individuals, equipment, and the environment, especially where complex technologies are used. System Safety is the application of special technical and managerial skills to the systematic, forward-looking identification and control of hazards throughout the life cycle of a project, program, or activity.

Our experience on multiple government and commercial projects allows us to help our customers plan a System Safety effort. In addition, we can help select the appropriate tools for conducting hazard analyses, and provide independent analysis of existing and on-going hazard analysis efforts.

Software Quality Assurance

On critical systems the quality of the software is paramount. Software Quality Assurance activities are needed throughout the project life cycle to provide objective insight into the maturity and quality of the software processes and associated work products. Without such efforts the risks can be significant.

Great Circle Analytics has extensive experience creating and implementing Software Quality Assurance programs. Typical Software Quality Assurance activities can include the following:

  • Developing software assurance requirements and plans
  • Assessing software management and development plans
  • Assessing Software Requirements Specifications (SRS)
  • Assessing software design documentation
  • Assessing development records
  • Assessing code for compliance to standards
  • Assessing configuration management activities
  • Conducting audits of processes and procedures

Great Circle Analytics personnel have planned and conducted software test programs for multiple commercial and government organizations. This experience allows us to evaluate and assist in software test programs, including developing test plans, performing black box and white box testing, assisting in the development of software bug tracking systems, and evaluating test results.

Technical Program Management

Complex technical programs require experience to assure that projects are completed within budget and on time, and that they exceed all customer expectations. Great Circle Analytics has experience in multiple industries managing innovative technologies. Leveraging this experience, we can assist in many of the following project management activities:

  • Identifying project objectives, scope, and opportuntities, and coordinating with internal and external stakeholders
  • Analyzing cost and schedule risks, and determining mitigations to those risks
  • Determining technical risks and issues, and identifying solutions to challenges in implementing new technologies
  • Analyzing technical data to track progress and identify issues, and obtaining trends for use in characterizing opportunities
  • Responding to requests for proposals
  • Preparing technical documents that summarize engineering analyses

Great Circle Analytics personnel have unique skills applicable to transportation, energy, and aerospace systems that can help your program to be successful.

Emergency Management

No matter how hard we try to build our technological systems safely, the unexpected can still occur. Emergency management is the coordination and integration of all activities necessary to prepare for, protect against, respond to, and recover from disasters. Great Circle Analytics can help organizations prepare for emergencies in order to maintain continuity of operations in a number of ways:

  • Developing emergency response plans
  • Evaluating existing emergency management efforts
  • Assessing potential hazards and risks
  • Providing recommendations on mitigation measures
  • Helping develop and implement training and exercises

Great Circle Analytics will take its knowledge of system safety and risk management to help organizations build an integrated approach to safety and emergency management.


Great Circle Analytics has developed and conducted safety, software quality, and risk assessment/management training for multiple organizations. We can create customized training to meet your organizational needs.

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